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All of our curtains are made in our home studio using traditional techniques. We take great pride in our work which is why once completed, we will personally hang and dress your finished curtains as standard.

We offer a vast range of inspiring fabrics, trimmings and embellishments to help you decide on a style. Redecorating and styling your home should be a fulfilling experience which is why we are committed to offering friendly and helpful advice.

If you’re looking to complete your interior then why not add bespoke coordinating pelmets, tie-backs and cushions as finishing touches? We are always happy to discuss requirements & create design ideas totally unique to each home.

It’s important that your curtains are both functional as well as beautiful which is why we offer curtain track and pole options as well as a fitting and/or bending service. Motorised and remote control systems as additional services.

Example Fabrics

*Above is just a small example of our fabrics, we have a much wider range available and can show a selection during our complimentary home visits or you can come  along to our home studio to take a look.

Choosing the final finish

Pencil Tape Heading

Perfect for all rooms and effortlessly complementing any décor, the classic pencil pleat heading is a very popular choice and works especially well when fitted onto a track.

Hand Pleated Heading

The pinch pleat finished curtains result in a perfectly even heading which ensures your curtains hang beautifully. This heading is perfect for fuller curtains. These are hand finished into either double or triple pinch pleat depending on the desired look. There is also an option to create a boxed pleat or even the goblet pleat which adds a subtle chic appeal, perfect for those looking for something a little bit different.

Eyelet Heading

If you are looking for large, even pleats, then eyelet headed curtains are a fantastic choice for you. Eyelet headings are partnered with curtain poles and are cost effective as less fabric is required. With the vast range of eyelet colours that are now available, this simple & contemporary style is a great choice to complete any room.

Wall Covering Examples

Wall coverings are a perfect way to enhance your home and add personality by coordinating your room furnishing with your curtains. We have an exciting & wide variety on offer.

Tracks and Poles

A well-suited curtain pole or track will not only be in keeping with your interior design style, it will also enhance the hang of your curtains and ensure an outstanding finish. Well matched poles or tracks combined with our expert fitting service will ensure a truly exceptional result and add a touch of luxury to any home.

Track Examples

Pole Examples

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