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Wooden Shutters

Our bespoke shutters are individually crafted to enhance your home by adding an exclusive feel that will bring the space to life, no matter what the season.

A few reasons that we love shutters:

  • You can control the amount of sunlight that enters your room during a warm sunny day but in winter they keep in warmth and reduce heat loss and window draughts.
  • Shutters make your home more secure, deterring intruders and improve privacy.
  • Plantation shutters are a modern and luxurious alternative to traditional blinds and are available in a huge range of wood finishes and colours.
  • Our bespoke shutters are made to meet your individual requirements and can be designed to fit almost all window and door openings including ornate shapes.
  • We offer customers a five-year guarantee for all shutters and our expert team will fit them in your home ensuring a personal and professional service from measure to fit.

Which Shutter style will you choose?

Full Height

A timeless classic, full height shutters are the first choice for most windows. The versatility of these shutters means that they suit all interior styles from contemporary to traditional. Fixed in a four sided frame the shutter is designed to cover the full height of the window. Mid rails can also be added to create intervals between louvres and give more choice on opening configurations.


Tier-on-Tier shutter styles are best suited to taller windows as they have two sets of panels that can open independently of each other. This style of shutter is ideal if you are looking for something different in your home or want the versatility to open up part of the window frequently

Café Style

If you want to make the most of natural light but still wish for privacy, then café style shutters are a stylish option. Constructed in a three-sided frame, café shutters offer a unique appearance and allow more natural light into a room all of the time.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful focal point in a room and furnished with a set of shutters, your bay window will ensure a timeless and quality finish that  will accompany any look.

Arched, Circular & Bespoke Shapes

We know that every home has its own distinctive features, so for those looking for a way to enhance a uniquely shaped window, we have the perfect product for you. Our skilled team has experience in creating shutters for arched, circular and bespoke shaped windows and our fitting service means that shutters will always look amazing once installed.


Our vast experience means that even the most challenging shutter installations are achievable with support from Heckford Interiors. By installing tracks, even the largest openings, such as patio doors, can be covered by exquisite shutters. Horizontal tracks allow the shutter panels to be gathered at the side of a window opening, allowing natural light to flood into your interior. When closed, the shutters will help exclude drafts and create a cosy space in which you can relax.

Our Shutter Ranges

Choose your shutter


Why choose MDF?

  • MDF shutters’ modern appeal and great value for money make this range our most popular offering.
  • The range is available in five timeless white and cream polymer coating colours and in various contemporary styles. Not only this, these shutters never need repainting and are extremely low maintenance.
  • MDF constructed shutters are ideal for small and medium sized windows due to the durable material.
  • Shutters constructed of MDF benefit from the similar modern appearance of plantation shutters, which are heavily sought after because of their versatility to suit any home.

Choose your colour:

Why Hardwood?

  • Hardwood constructed shutters are made from a very high quality Basswood, an extremely tough but also lightweight material that offers an impressive appearance.
  • There is a large variety of bold colours and finishes available, making hardwood shutters a popular choice for interior designers.
  • Hardwood shutters are the ideal choice for larger windows, doors and patio doors.
  • Alternative opening options can also be discussed and tailored to fit your window flawlessly making every shutter unique to your home.

Choose your colour:


ABS Vinyl

Why ABS?

  • ABS shutters have many benefits, such as being 100% waterproof and extremely resistant, make them a fabulous choice for kitchens, bathrooms and other humid areas.
  • Available in six attractive shades of classic white and cream colours to suit any space.
  • ABS vinyl shutters are extremely durable and never need repainting.

Choose your colour:

Pick your Louvre Size

Louvre size refers to the intervals between each slat of your shutter. All shutter ranges can be manufactured with five different sized Louvre’s, 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm.

Please take a look at our case study page for some inspiration and to take a look at some of the most recent projects that we have been working on.

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